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 Below: Some of our wins from past shows.
Winner of Best White Flemish at Cortland, NY Fall Specialty for 2012,2013 & 2014!

  If you are looking for a beautiful Flemish Giant rabbit, you have come to the right place! I breed great looking, healthy and gentle Flemish Giants for show and pets. I breed LIGHT GRAY, STEEL GRAY, SANDY & WHITE varieties. I do not ship rabbits so please don't ask. I require purchasers to make an appointment to choose and pickup their rabbits in person. Please take the time to read through my site to learn all about flemish Giants. Although I love talking about my rabbits I simply don't have time to educate all those who call interested in learning about the breed. When you are serious about aquiring a fine flemish please email me to make an appointment. I do not make appointments for those who are "just looking". For those just looking I post plenty of pictures. I keep visits to the rabbitry to a minimum to reduce the risk of foreign disease coming into my barn. Thank you, LB Rabbitry, Bethany, Connecticut.

Some information about  the breed:

As one of the largest breeds of domestic rabbit, the Flemish Giant is a semi-arch type rabbit with its back arch starting back of the shoulders and carrying through to the base of the tail giving a "mandolin" shape. The body of a Flemish Giant Rabbit is long and powerful with relatively broad hindquarters. Bucks have a broad, massive head in comparison to does. Does may have a large, full, evenly carried dewlap (the fold of skin under their chins). The fur of the Flemish Giant is known to be glossy and dense. When stroked from the hindquarters to the head, the fur will roll back to its original position. ARBA standard has seven different colors, black, blue, fawn, light gray, sandy, steel gray and white.

A senior doe can take 1 year to reach full maturity. A senior buck can take 1.5 years to reach full maturity. Most weigh on average 17 pounds. Does usually are larger than bucks. Flemish Giants can be docile and tolerant of handling; frequent interaction with humans is a requirement for this to occur. Flemish Giants, like all house rabbits, can become fearful, and sometimes violent, if handled incorrectly or irresponsibly. Their larger frame also makes them more injury prone when incorrectly handled, and special attention should be paid to the spine alignment when handing a Flemish Giants, or any house rabbit for that matter. Subsequently, potential owners should consider these factors in addition to their size, level of food consumption, and substantial waste production before buying. The well-being of a Flemish Giant, like all house rabbits, is dependent upon the care of a responsible owner.

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