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Purchase Agreement

LB Rabbitry has the right to refuse sale to any individual without explanation. If I feel the rabbits are not going to the right situation I will not sell. 

I care about each and every rabbit I sell. I DO NOT BREED/SELL MY RABBITS FOR MEAT. I expect that those who purchase from my rabbitry will be responsible owners (18 years or older) and take good care of their rabbit(s). Proper care includes proper housing, hay and pellet food, fresh water and bedding. They must have a clean living environment as well.

If at any time you can no longer keep your rabbit. I request that you give me the first right to take the rabbit back into the rabbitry. I will insure it is well cared for until a suitable home can be found. I do not want my rabbits ending up at auctions or in the hands of irresponsible owners/breeders.

When you purchase your rabbit you will be sent home with a handout on caring for your rabbit, pedigree and enough feed to wean the rabbit onto what ever food you will be using. I use Blue Seal Hutch Plus, 18% protein rabbit feed. My rabbits do very well on this feed. I recommend it for young rabbits and does raising kits. I also supply them with timothy hay all the time. The fiber is very important. After 5-6 months of age, I introduce some fresh veggies and herbs one at a time and in small quantities. (carrots and green tops, apple - no seeds! , parsley, basil, oats). Absolutely NO LETTUCE, it can cause diarrhea and that can be deadly to young rabbits.

Sex of the rabbit you purchase is not 100% guaranteed. Although I do my best to check, sometimes when still in the kit stage it can be difficult to identify does vs. bucks. It is your responsibility to check the rabbit at the time of purchase. I handle kits from the day they are born so they are well adjusted and used to human contact. At the time of sale, all rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge. I guarantee the health of the rabbit for SEVEN (7) days from the date of pickup. If the rabbit dies within the 7 days, you will need a letter from your vet stating the cause of death. If the cause of death was not due to negligence on your part, I will replace the rabbit with one of equal value when one becomes available. All vet expenses involved will be your responsibility. RABBITS ARE FRAGILE ANIMALS, THEY STRESS EASILY AND CAN DIE EASILY. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A RABBIT OF ANY BREED.

Purchasing or inquiring about purchasing from LB Rabbitry indicates that you have read, understand and agree to this sales policy.


A word about holding a rabbit until you can pickup...

The only way to hold a rabbit is to put a 50% deposit on said rabbit. This can be done in person with cash or you can Paypal your deposit to me. When using Paypal you must include the fee that is charged by Paypal for using the service. (fee is 3% of amount sent.) Contact me for my Paypal address. Your deposit will hold your rabbit for 7 days. If you can not come within 7 days, you will have to pay a boarding fee to keep the rabbit until pickup. Contact me for the amount for boarding. If I do not hear from you after the 7 days, the rabbit is back up for sale and the deposit is NOT refundable. 

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